Monday, July 21, 2014


This Saturday marks the 10th anniversary of the Shuffle Function Morning Show.  It doesn't seem that long, to be honest.  These precious hours that we get on the air each morning are the best hours of our day, which either says something about how much fun we have or how we need to re-evaluate our lives.  Still, we're incredibly grateful for the opportunity we've been given by KMSU, and we're grateful to the listeners of KMSU for being so kind and generous to the station.  This is a wonderful community, and KMSU listeners are the best in the world.

We're doing a bunch of different stuff this week to mark the big landmark.  Basically, we're indulging a bunch of our obsessions.  Three of them we've spent a lot of time dealing with on the show, and one we've always talked about indulging but are only just getting around to now.  In any case, we hope you guys will tune in and help us celebrate the big one-oh.

Tuesday we're gonna be diving into the amazing world of Numero Records.  Shyboy Tim has been a Numero obsessive ever since he picked up his first collection from them at Tune Town in Mankato. Since then it has gone into overdrive, and he's gone so far as to actually subscribe to the label so he doesn't miss out on any of the new releases!  He has a problem, and now we all get to listen to it this Tuesday, July 22nd.

On Wednesday, July 23rd, we're digging into a world we've never explored before on the show.  It has long been a dream of ours to do a show featuring the weird world of soundalike albums.  These are collections of popular songs that were offered at a discount rate, and that's because the songs were not performed by the original artists.  There are a few band names that pop up regularly on these albums, but there are never any notes regarding the personnel of the bands.  Most likely they're a bunch of random studio gunslingers thrown together for a quick buck and then they never saw each other again.  We have no idea.

We've always wanted to do a show around these albums, but we wanted to include interviews with people that participated in the sessions.  Unfortunately, there's pretty much no information out there about any of these records.  It's doubtful that the record labels even kept information on them.  It's a big dead end.

Anyway, Shelley just had that big record haul from Iowa, and a bunch of the records were these strange soundalikes we've been interested in.  So Wednesday we're going to feature nothing but soundalikes.  Should be interesting/weird.  In any case, you should sing along.

From day one on Shuffle Function we've been featuring amazing Outsider musicians.  Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're genius or sad, but they're always genuine and always amazing.  Thursday, July 24th we've be playing nothing but Outsider musicians.  We're excited for this because we know you guys have your favorites, and you'll be requesting them!  KMSU has listeners that love Outsider musicians, and that's a beautiful thing.

In honor of our tenth anniversary we're wheeling out one of our favorite radio creations.  Normally we only play this on Halloween and during the 24 hour Marathon, but on Friday, July 25th, we're playing THREE HOURS of Shuffle Function Radio Roulette!  Radio Roulette is one of our proudest creations, and we know that you guys love it, too.  We're drawing numbers, rolling dice, and flipping coins to determine your radio destiny!  Call in and pick a number!  It's gonna be fun and hopefully merciful, so tune in!

And don't forget, Grind-Fu Cinema is this Saturday night, on the actual tenth anniversary of the Morning Show!  Join us for a free double feature!  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!

Thanks for everything, you guys!  KMSU listeners are the best.

Shyboy Tim and Shelley

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