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Many of you guys know that my day job to support my radio habit is at Barnes & Noble in Mankato.  It's a kick ass job, and they're cool about me having to do the show in the morning.  I'm forever grateful for that.  Barnes & Noble is doing something pretty cool over the next couple weeks called "Get Pop Cultured", and stores around the country are having events with exclusive giveaways and contests related to various pop culture events.  There's some neat stuff, too, and that thrills me.

Anyway, one of the fortuitous things about being connected to both the radio show and the store is that it has put me in the position to get some great stuff to give away to listeners like you!  Last week we gave away some great DC stuff, and this week Shuffle Function has even more.

In honor of Barnes & Noble's Marvel Comics Day on Saturday, August 2nd, we're giving away a couple of amazing action figures.  That's happening this Wednesday, July 30th.  Check out these puppies:

The original packaging is intact, so that's one less thing to worry about, fellow nerds!  You could be taking Thing or Green Goblin/Peter Parker home with you, so listen Wednesday morning for your chance to win!

On Thursday we'll be giving away some more great DC comics stuff, too:

  • Because of the size and weight of these items, we are unable to mail them.  YOU WILL HAVE TO COME UP TO KMSU to collect your prize!  Sorry, gang.  Still, free DC stuff, huh?
  • KMSU hosts, volunteers, and their family members are not eligible to win these awesome things.  If they were, I would be the first one to call.
  • If you won last week, you cannot win this week!  Sorry, but we gotta give everybody a shot at these.
We'll give all the details for winning on Wednesday morning, so tune in!

Like I said, there's a lot of cool stuff that Barnes & Noble has available to folks during their "Get Pop Cultured" promotion:
  • Friday, August 1st, you can celebrate the movie Frozen!
  • Saturday, August 2nd, it is Marvel Comics Day!
  • Sunday, August 3rd, it is James Patterson Day!
All the events at the Mankato store are available HERE!

Thanks for listening, you guys!


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