Thursday, August 28, 2014


HEY!  This Friday between seven and eight we're gonna be playing the entire new album from Half Japanese!  It's really wonderful stuff, so don't miss out.  Full of hooky guitar and remarkable Jad Fair vocals.  It comes out on Tuesday, so pick it up at a classic record store near you!


In other news, Saturday is also the 19th anniversary of the death of Sterling Morrison.  Expect a bunch of Velvet Underground on Friday, but be sure to request any faves.  You know you wanna.

The following clip is of the final performance of the Velvet Underground, when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 96.  They're performing a song called Last Night I Said Goodbye To My Friend that they wrote for Sterling.  I remember hearing about it at the time, but I've never seen a good clip of the performance until now.  They never recorded it together, though Moe Tucker did put it out on one of her albums.  It's a pretty touching song, and I believe it's the only time that these three shared vocal responsibilities.


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