Tuesday, August 12, 2014


We went on about Robin Williams quite a bit this morning on the show.  It seems inconceivable, right?  I haven't been a big follower of his career for quite a while, but the last thing I saw him in was unbelievably epic.  It was at the beginning of an episode of Louie, where he plays himself.  He meets Louie at a funeral for a friend, and it touches on some themes that seem pretty poignant at times like this.  Especially the last part of the scene.  Damn. 

Ignore the random footage at the end of this clip and just focus on the Louie clip.  It's pretty great.


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Barrie Evans said...

I thought that the riff on French children smoking cigarettes--because what does it matter?--was worth seeing, too.

But, yeah, the part where they each promise to... that was pretty real, wasn't it?