Wednesday, September 24, 2014


This morning we played my new favorite song:  Mustache In Your Face by the band Pretty.  You can find it on the brand new Numero Group compilation Local Customs: Cavern Sound, which should be hitting stores any day now.  What can I say?  It's another triumph for Numero Group.  The song is also available on their 2x45 of Pretty that has been available for a while.  Realizing this, I now have to own it.  If the other three songs are as great as Mustache In Your Face is, then I'll soon have four favorite new songs.

The track was recorded at Cavern Sound, a recording studio in Independence, Missouri, that was in an actual cave.  Crazy, huh?  Maybe it was the environment they were recorded in, but the songs on the new Local Customs collection are remarkable.  You'll probably hear all of them on the show eventually.  More likely, you'll hear Mustache In Your Face until you can't stand it anymore.

Here's a cool promo that Numero Group put together for the Cavern Sounds collection.  It features actual footage of the studio from back in the day.

And here's friggin' Mustache In Your Face!


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