Friday, September 05, 2014


Can it be?  It seems like only yesterday we were all scrambling to the computer and praying that we could get some tickets to this magical event, right?  IT'S HAPPENING NEXT WEEK!  We'll be getting psyched for it all week long on Shuffle Function, so be sure to request your favorite Mats/Solo Mats material as we gear up for the big event.

On Tuesday 9/9 (also the day that the Beatles mono vinyl is released) The Replacements are apparently appearing on THE TONIGHT SHOW!  Check out this mysterious video they released.  It certainly seems to be hinting that they will be on the program:

How funny is that?  In 1986 they were BANNED from 30 Rock for abusing guest privileges during their anarchic appearance on Saturday Night Live, and Loren Michaels said they couldn't come back until they paid a $1000 bill for "damages".  Now they'll apparently be on The Tonight Show, WHICH IS PRODUCED BY LOREN MICHAELS!

Check out these clips from the original program.  God, I love these fellas!

On Friday, September 12th we have a Day Sponsorship courtesy of Slamra Sue from the Mankato Area Derby Girls!  She wants a day of music from The Replacements on the station to get folks psyched for the show, so Shelley and I will be on the air from six a.m. to 1 p.m. playing nothing but The Replacements and solo Replacements material!  Let's celebrate Minnesota's favorite underdogs by calling, texting, and e-mailing requests.  It's gonna be a great day.

And then, of course, there's this on Saturday the 13th...

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