Friday, September 05, 2014

"The Combo With A Big Band Beat"

If you listen to the morning show then you have heard me going on and on about my massive record organization project I began on Wednesday. While it is a lot of work, I have stumbled across a few long forgotten thrift store finds. The photo above is one of those treasures. It is an album cover that has been "repurposed" to hold an audiodisc recording of Vivian and Lee. The cover is handmade with construction paper, and real photo cut outs.

Does anybody out there know who Vivian and Lee might be? I am guessing Vivian plays the organ, and Lee plays the trumpet. I would also place the date on this in the early 1950's. The four songs that they perform on the 78 album are as follows: St Louis Blues / It Had To Be You / Jealous / Just One More Chance.

This is the 78 that is found inside the record. There are hand made instructions inside as well that explain how to play a 78 speed album on the turntable.I am 99% positive that I bought this in a thrift store somewhere here in Minnesota. Do either of these photos look familiar to you? Is that your Uncle Lee or Grandma Vivian? PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! Drop us an email at or leave a comment below. Thanks!



Thanks to listener Tom for solving this mystery album in record time (see what I did there? record - record? okay let's move on). The Vivian in the picture above is Vivian Boeshaar of Columbus, Ohio.

I am not sure who Lee is, but my guess is he was another performer at the Clarmont. The article I found this in said that Vivian played the organ at the Clarmont for over four decades! She was fond of greeting regulars with their favorite songs as they entered the restaurant, and would take requests and mark birthdays, anniversarys and other celebrations.

Thanks for your help Tom - I will keep this prized record and take it out and give it a spin every once in awhile.


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You're gonna make me nuts trying to search this. Especially while traveling here and there.