Sunday, September 07, 2014

What A Night!

We meant it when we told you that Sonny Knight and The Lakers are the real deal, and last night at the Rock Bend Folk Festival they proved it. I mean, Boy Oh Boy did they prove it! I sure hope you were somewhere in the massive Rock Bend crowd shaking your money makers and jumping up and down. By the way - we can thank Maverick Slim's wife Mary for the 25 hops. To be honest with you I would have jumped up and down with Sonny 250 times if the man asked us to! After the show Sonny told us that he'd twisted his ankle at the State Fair. Can you believe he was dancing and jumping all night on a bad ankle?!

This is the only picture I took last night, and it was seconds before we had the honor of introducing Sonny and the band. After jumping off the stage I just stood there transfixed, which quickly turned into the kind of spastic stand/dance kind of thing I do because I am not a dancer but yet I can't help but move to the music. Maybe you know how it is? Anyway, thanks to all of you for coming out last night and making the band feel so welcome and thanks to the staff and volunteers of Rock Bend. Hopefully we can get them back down here sometime soon - that is after they get a chance to catch their breath!


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