Friday, October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween, everybody!  We had a great day on the show taking pledges and eating all of our Halloween candy.  Please keep the pledges rolling in!  The first couple of days have been strong with pledges, but we still have a long way to go before we hit that final dollar amount.  Call today and do your part to help keep truly independent radio alive and kicking for years to come.

I've found myself thinking about my favorite horror movies lately, and I keep coming back to films featuring the great Bela Lugosi.  Lugosi was, of course, the definitive Dracula in Tod Browning's 1931 classic.  He was so iconic in that role that it stunted his career, and he was pretty much stuck in the role of villain or monster for the remainder of his life.  It's a double edged sword when the role that breaks your career also destroys it.

A few years ago Shelley and I went to a screening of Lugosi's Dracula at Northrup Auditorium.  The twist on this screening was that it featured live accompaniment by Philip Glass and Kronos Quartet. They were performing a new score that Glass had composed for the film, which normally is virtually void of music.  You can hear this score on the DVD or you can watch the whole darn thing RIGHT HERE:

Lugosi played vampires a few other times in his career, but he only played Count Dracula one other time.  Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein would already be a classic just for featuring Abbott and Costello, but this one is loaded with the big daddies of Universal horror.  You get The Wolfman, Frankenstein's Monster, AND LUGOSI AS DRACULA!  It's a blast to watch, and "The Laughs Are MONSTERous", as the poster says.

Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein by crazedigitalmovies

Lugosi had one more great vampire appearance in 1935, where he played Count Mora.  It's a creepy little film that is pretty polarizing in horror circles because of its ending.  Still, Lugosi as a vampire.  The film was cut down to just over an hour in length due to shocking content such as an incestuous relationship between the Count and his daughter.  Ewwww.

Mark of the Vampire (1935) by MargaliMorwentari
Finally, let's get into Lugosi's final role in Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space.  Plan 9 was once declared the worst movie ever made, but it's far too entertaining for that label.  Lugosi plays a widower in the film, but then Lugosi died shortly after production began.  He was replaced by a chiropractor who covered his face with his cape.  Classic Ed Wood joint.

Have a great Halloween, everybody!


Happy Halloween Shuffle Functioneers!

We hope you have a safe and fun holiday! Don't forget you can get your Halloween started early by stopping by the station before 9 a.m. this morning. We have a big pumpkin head full of candy just waiting for you!

This will keep you busy for awhile! Happy Halloween!


Mancamp The Hamster says Happy Halloween!

Mancamp The Hamster loves Halloween just as much as Shyboy Tim and I, and he dressed up for the occasion this morning. He wants you to text in your requests and pledges to KMSU this morning because he gets two treats every time a text comes in. Today is fun size candy bar day, so he is a happy camper! Mancamp is the hamster that runs our highly technical texting machine here at KMSU.

Text ManCamp now at 389 - 5678.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Countdown To Halloween Blogpost #30 - The Shuffle Function Radio Roulette Version

Tonight at 6 pm we will be airing this year's Halloween edition of Shuffle Function Radio Roulette. As you can see by the photo above, offerings to the Radio Gods were made out at the KMSU radio tower. We were crossing our fingers that the Radio Gods are movie buffs, or at the very least Atari 2600 fanatics.

This is a very special edition of Shuffle Function Radio Roulette, because we were joined by our favorite Texans, Lisa and Bryan. We first met Lisa over a decade ago when we fell in love with a website she was running. She had joined us a few times for Radio Roulette, but always over the phone or tuning in on-line. This time they were in the studio with us, and picking out the numbers from the magic hat, flipping coins, and rolling dice. Be sure to tune in tonight at 6 pm to KMSU to see (and hear) how things turned out.

Tomorrow is Halloween - and we invite anyone and everyone up to the station to trick or treat. We will be on the air from 6 to 9 am, and we hope to see you all then, either in or out of costume. We will also be spinning Lux Interior's Purple Knif Radio show, and rounding out the morning with music by The Cramps and birthday girl, Dora Hall. Set your alarms for early. You won't want to miss out on this!



OOOOOH!  Check out the super cool KMSU Music Geek cap!  I'm not even a hat wearer and I wanna get my hands on one.  They fit nicely on my big ol' melon, and they're available in small and large sizes.  Pledge $50 to the KMSU Fall Pledge Drive and this bad boy can be yours!  It's also included with the Program Director For A Day premium, as well as the KMSU Record Expedition.  We're making it virtually impossible for you to go hatless!


Call 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and pledge your support now!  You can also drop us an e-mail to with your name, address, phone number and the amount you would like to pledge, and we'll take care of everything for you.  PLEDGE NOW!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Countdown To Halloween #29

One of the best films you can watch this time of year is Stanley Kubrick's film The Shining. I just ran across some photos on-line of a Stanley Kubrick Art Exhibit that ran last fall in LA. It's certainly one of those missed opportunities, but fortunately someone was there to film it all and we can attend it on-line long after it's moved on.

Here is the videos of the collection itself. If you are even a casual fan of his work, you will recognize quite a few familiar props and costumes.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014


The KMSU Fall Pledge Drive kicks off tomorrow morning and we are incredibly excited to share with you the premiums that we have available for it. If you are not sure how this works or you are new to KMSU, essentially we have a number of fantastic items that we give to you as a "thank you" gift when you pledge your money to KMSU. When we throw the words "public radio" or "listener supported" around in reference to KMSU that is because a large part of our financing comes directly from your pledges. When you call or email your pledge, we then send you the appropriate premium. So here is the list - and it's a big one. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop us an email at

$25  Premium Pledge - FINDERS KEEPERS 12: Solo Projects CD

Mr. Specific strikes again with a colossal collection of standards and old favorites that will be the life or death of the party, depending on the crowd you run with.  Basically, it's not at all out of place on KMSU!  This stunningly dicey collection needs a good home, and you look just intelligent and attractive enough to provide that home.  CALL NOW!

$25  Premium Pledge - KMSU mug

Over-sized, bright and a welcome addition to any kitchen table or desktop, the KMSU mug is back once again. The yellow screams "GOOD MORNING!" and its contents will scream whatever the heck your drink screams. Maybe your previous mug was chipped or broken and you are hoping to replace it? Now is your chance - get one (or two, or three or more) while you can!

$50 Premium Pledge - The KMSU Music Geek Baseball Cap

Sure, a t-shirt is nice, but sometimes you want to draw attention AWAY from your torso.  That's where this super cool cap comes in.  The KMSU Music Geek Baseball Cap features the bold Music Geek logo on the front, with the station name across the back.  Plus, it's gray, which is nice.  Make people stare at the top of the very head that was smart enough to pledge to KMSU!

$60 Premium Pledge - Live At The World Cafe Volume 38 CD

Collect them all - performances by your favorite bands live in the World Cafe Studios. Often the songs are different versions than the studio album releases, making this compilation desirable to music fans everywhere.

1. Courtney Barnett - "Avant Gardener"
2. The War On Drugs - "Under The Pressure"
3. Temples - "Mesmerise"
4. Kaiser Chiefs - "Coming Home"
5. Strand Of Oaks - "Goshen 97"
6. Brett Dennen - "Wild Child"
7. David Crosby - "Long Time Gone"
8. Rosanne Cash - "Etta's Tune"
9. Hurray For The Riff Raff - "I Know It's Wrong"
10. The Head & The Heart - "Shake"
11. Jeremy Messersmith - "Ghost"
12. Metric - "Gimme Sympathy"
13. Lucius - "Turn It Around"
14. Lake Street Dive - "Bad Self Portraits"
15. Chet Faker - "1998"
16. Asgeir - "King & Cross"

$100 Premium Pledge - Muscle Shoals Collection

The community of Muscle Shoals is pretty small, but its impact on popular music has been massive.  Home to FAME Studios and Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, Muscle Shoals has helped shape the sound and career of some of the most important musicians in popular music.  When you pledge at the $100 level you will will receive the Muscle Shoals Collection, which is composed of two remarkable sets of music.

First, you'll get the original soundtrack to the great 2013 documentary Muscle Shoals.  You'll hear loads of classic music on it, and none of it would have existed without the producers and musicians that made those studios great.

Second, you'll get Duane Allman: An Anthology.  Duane Allman was, of course, the legendary guitar player for The Allman Brothers.  Rolling Stone ranks him as the 9th greatest guitarist in history.  Before the glory, however, Duane was a studio musician for the studios at Muscle Shoals.  Included in this set are many of those sideman performances, one of which Eric Clapton praised as the greatest solo in rock history.  The set also includes songs from his work with Derek and The Dominos, and of course some of his iconic work with The Allman Brothers.

There's a lot of great music in this set, and it belongs in your collection.  For reals.

$100  Premium Pledge  - Program Director For The Day on Shuffle Function

Have you ever wanted to play radio? Here is your chance! Join Shyboy Tim and Shelley on the Shuffle Function morning radio show and dictate the playlist for the day. You choose the songs from your own collection and you get to hang out with us on the air for two hours as well. You will also receive the KMSU Music Geek hat, a Finders Keepers 12 CD and a CD copy of your show to play over and over again for your friends who couldn't wake up early. We enjoy offering this premium so much because it allows us the opportunity to meet our listeners and get a chance to find out what music they are into. It is also the biggest bang for your buck in Shuffle Function land, we couldn't possibly throw in anything else!

$100  Premium Pledge  - KMSU Day Sponsorship

Maybe you are shy and don't want to personally be on the air, or maybe you would like us to mark a special birthday, anniversary or artist, then this is the premium for you. Tell us what you would like us to play and add in a personal message and we will design the day for you on the air. It is a chance for you to get very creative while at the same time supporting  KMSU and community radio. If you have some ideas for a day sponsorship, but would like to run them by us first, please son't hesitate to contact us at

$200 Premium Pledge - KMSU Record Expedition

This is the one that the show hosts are most excited about, and we hope you guys will be, too.  For a pledge of $200 you will be able to go on the KMSU Record Expedition!  Join a bunch of KMSU hosts and other fellow music geeks on a record buying expedition in Minneapolis on February 7th, 2015.  We'll meet at Tune Town, then head up to Treehouse Records, Roadrunner Records, and Hymies, with a trip to the Minneapolis Record Fair.  We'll top things off with a final stop at Harriet Brewing.  Then, on Thursday the 12th, you'll get to play your record finds LIVE ON THE AIR with everybody else that went on the trip!  PLUS you'll get the super cool KMSU baseball cap.

This is going to be such a great time, you guys.  It's the first time we've offered this, and we hope to make it a Fall tradition.  Don't miss out!

All of these premiums would make fantastic Holiday gifts, so keep that in mind when you make a pledge. Maybe you have a music geek for a brother that would die to play DJ for a day, or maybe you want to pick up theMuscle Shoals collection to give to your best friend, you simply cannot go wrong. Your gift will help support community radio and KMSU too! Once again, the KMSU Fall Pledge Drive starts tomorrow morning and runs through November 7th. Gully set the station's goal at $25,000 which is higher than any other Fall goal previously, so please keep that in mind when you are mulling over your pledge amounts.
The phone numbers at the station are:
389 - 5678
1 - 800 - 456 - 7810

Monday, October 27, 2014

Countdown To Halloween Blog Post #27

I've got to be honest with you, now that October's Grind-Fu Cinema has come and gone, I feel like Halloween is over. But I know I am wrong about that. We still have Judson Fountain Radio Dramas and Lux Interior's Purple Knif Show and Shuffle Function Radio Roulette to get to. So I will post something here that Shyboy Tim reminded me of during intermission at Grind-Fu. This is simply perfect!

I would go see this movie!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pictures, Pictures.........Who's got more pictures?

Quick answer - I do!

Last night was fantastic - and we are so happy to have been able to share the night with you. I am not a mathematical whiz, but if I had to guess I'd say that over 90% of the crowd were in costumes. The weather was perfect, the crowd was large, and their was cake - another masterpiece by Amber from Hill-top Hy-Vee.

Everything you see is edible - and I know that every arrow and knife got eaten. In fact - all of the cake was eaten this year! 

Another favorite photo of mine is Scooter Polanski and Shyboy Tim chilling before showtime.

This next image I took while we were standing on stage in our costumes.

Last but not least, the cake aftermath picture! 


On Monday it will be one year since Lou Reed shuffled off this mortal coil.  Last year we were raw over it and spent two full mornings mourning him, but this year he only gets one morning.  We've had a year to process.

Anyway, tune in from six to nine a.m. Monday as we pay tribute to Lou.  We're open to requests, so don't be bashful.  While we don't have everything, we have a bunch, and we'd love to play it.  Last year it was emotional for all of us, and it was obvious through the e-mails and calls that we needed the chance to remember the man.  Let's keep the group therapy going.


Here are some clips of Lou Reed being amazing/hostile.


NO!  GRIND-FU IS OVER FOR THE YEAR?  Yep.  I know it sucks, but there you go.  If you didn't go to this evening's Grind-Fu Cinema you missed out on a killer double bill of Drag Me To Hell and You're Next.  All the screamy meemies went down, plus there was cake!  We should probably talk about the cake.

Once again, Amber kicked out the jams on the cake.  Every year we wonder how she will top herself, and every year she tops herself with a vengeance.  This year's cake was based off one of the masks from You're Next.

All the knives and arrows that you see are completely edible.  Check out the serrated edges on those things!

We had a great turnout for the evening, and the crowd managed to kill off the entire cake.  First time ever, I think.

Also, we had loads of costumed folks!

Tina Belcher

Blurry Spiderman Ben Bradley

We were joined by Bryan and Lisa (our favorite Texan)!

It was another great night of films, courtesy of your pals from KMSU!  Thanks for joining us for these movie nights.  This year we've had a bunch of bucket list double bills on the schedule, and with any luck the 2015 season will have even more.  See you some time in the Spring!