Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blackjack Halloween Countdown Blog Post!

There is no need to put a spooky picture at the front of this post to get you in the Halloween mood, because what I am about to talk about is for real and frightening as hell. It has a name, and it is The South American Goliath Bird Eater Spider.

It is the largest spider in the world, and fully grown it is the size of a puppy. That's right - A SPIDER THE SIZE OF A PUPPY!

Ughhh......I can't even type that sentence without shivering uncontrollably. Yesterday this story broke about a zoologist coming in contact with the South American Goliath Bird Eater. As Piotr Naskrecki (a zoologist and photographer) explained his encounter on his blog, While walking in the rain forest of Guyana at night he decided to turn off his light source, a head lamp. He was taking in the sounds around him, completely enveloped in the dark, when he heard what sounded like a small furry mammal walking close behind him. He switched on his headlamp and was shocked to discover the massive spider moving his way.

Yep - that gave me the shivers yet again. I cannot imagine ever coming across one of these monsters. And to make things worse, one of their defense mechanisms is their hissing! They are the only known spider that makes a sound when they walk, in fact on his blog Piotr says they sound like horse hoofs. Yuck!! I have heard it said that every year we swallow approximately ten spiders, usually in our sleep. I was going to look for the exact number to share with you, but I am relieved to learn that it is just an urban legend or myth. With spiders like that in the world, I do not want to think about eating spiders!



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