Thursday, October 09, 2014

Coming nowhere near a theater near you - Count Down To Halloween Blog Post #9

Tomorrow two films open in select theaters nationwide, and even though that includes the Twin Cities, it still involves driving a few hours up and back to see them. But after you see the trailers you might find yourself thinking it's not such a bad idea. First up is "The Houses October Built". I ran across the trailer for this a few weeks ago and since it is another found footage film I naturally got pretty excited.

It is another chance for film makers to solve the classic dilemma of "how do I end my found footage movie?", but even if they fail it looks like it could be a great scary movie for Halloween. The trailer will give you an idea of where they are going with this one, but it looks like the kind of film you'd want to skip if you are not fond of jump scares.

The second film is by Adam Wingard, director of  one of the films we are screening this month for Grind-Fu, "You're Next". It is a thriller based around a man who befriends the family of a fellow soldier who didn't make it home. But as you'd expect things aren't what they seem to be in "The Guest".

"You're Next" was such a treat that I cannot wait to see this film. I will not miss this one, I pinky swear!

 I don't know much about this next film, but Shyboy Tim saw that it too opens this weekend in the Twin Cities. It is called "The Canal".

I don't know about this one - it could be one of those films where the trailer is fantastic but the film itself fails. But if you are making a day of it, why not make it a triple feature kind of day?

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