Saturday, October 11, 2014

Countdown To Halloween Blog Post #11 - a peek into my mind

Today we are going to road trip and see all of the films I shared with you the other day, so expect a full report on Monday mornings Shuffle Function. Have you all watched Strangers With Candy? One of my favorite gags is when a character would ask Jerri "What are you thinking?" and a black and white video of a monkey being silly playing a guitar or something or other would play. It illustrates that even though a person may appear to be present and in the moment, there is something else taking up all of their thoughts on the inside. This is exactly what is going on with me the last few days.

One of the films we are showing for Grind-Fu this month is 'You're Next' and it features a song by the Dwight Twilley Band called "Looking For The Magic". For the ever loving life of me I cannot get this song out of my head! Ask me what I am thinking and I am bound to sing you parts of the song! I am not kidding about this! Have a listen for yourselves.

 I just bought a copy of the record, and plan to play it at some point during the morning show every chance I can. In fact looking at the liner notes I just realized that Tom Petty plays the guitar on this song. I hope it gets stuck on repeat in your head, because it just gets me more and more excited to see the film for Grind-Fu!


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