Sunday, October 19, 2014

Countdown To Halloween Blog Post #19

Boy oh Boy. Don't stare at the image above for too long. Nineteen days into the Countdown to Halloween, and less than a week until Grind-Fu Cinema. Time flies when you are having a spooky good time! Speaking of Grind-Fu, do you know what your costume is going to be yet? Everyone is encouraged to come dressed up for the season and if you are still trying to come up with some ideas, maybe I can help.

First up - grab three of your friends and try out this handy dandy product, "Kiss Your Face" make-up. This is for real, in fact you can bid on several different varieties on ebay.

It only seems fair an balanced if I offer a suggestion for all the girls who want to rock out too. How about this costume? I am not sure if the big hair comes with the gig, but then that's what wigs are for.

Here is another great idea, but I would do things a little bit differently. You could poke a little bit of fun at font snobs by going as "comic sans". If you are coming to Grind-Fu with a bunch of friends, you could each dress up in separate letterpress boxes in comic sans font that spell the word "idiot" or "dumby". I'm sure you get the point.

I love this next video because, as she points out, you will have everything you need in your closet for it and it works for all the cool cats and the cool kittens. There is also a drinking game embedded in this costume YouTube video. Watch this clip, and every time she apologizes for the poor quality take a drink of your beverage of choice. Here's a tip, don't make it a strong drink!

If none of these seem to be right for you, then I suggest you choose your favorite Bill Murray role and dress up like him. I mean - WHO DOESN'T LOVE BILL MURRAY?!! Here is some inspiration:

And for those who want to go over the top with their Bill Murray costume, I give you the film Kingpin!

Grind-Fu Cinema is this Saturday night folks, October 25th at the Weicking 220 Auditorium on Campus. The movies start at 7 p.m. and there is cake at intermission. Join us for Drag Me To Hell and You're Next. I can't wait!


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