Thursday, October 02, 2014

Countdown To Halloween Blog Post #2 (cue Shyboy Tim giggling)

Since yesterday's post was so dark and dreary in subject matter I thought we'd have some light-hearted fun with the post today, so let's talk about possession. There are two kinds of possession (for those of you keeping track at home) demonic and spirit. It;s the last one that I want to talk about the most. Spiritual possession is defined as the "psychkinetic control of the behavior of a living thing or natural object by a spiritual being". I have a friend on face book that has been posting a number of random items he has found on ebay that claim to be possessed. It is quite fun to see the range of objects, to read the story and then to see how much they are selling for. It will blow your mind! I thought I would post some of my favorites here, but feel free to nose around yourselves. Maybe you will find a Holiday gift item or the perfect possessed doll to fill the empty space in your curio cabinet - you never know.

First item up for bid - HOBO CLOWN ORB. Three little words that should translate to sold! The sellers claim to have been awoken at night by Rusty the Clown making loud noises and witnessing it's feet moving around as if it were trying to escape it's doll stand! You can also watch a video of orb photos at their post.

Next up - DO NOT MOVE THESE TWO AWAY FROM EACH OTHER! The seller describes this way better than I ever can:

"These Dolls are very haunted they are to be kept together PLEASE do not move them away
 from each other they are very spiritual dolls .through exsperiance with the dolls they have a very
strong bond there was one night i put the dolls in my spare room a doll one each dresser by morning 
they were both back together again and a different day i had them put on my mantel one at one end
and the other at the other end i left the room to put my laundry in and when i came up they were 
back together sometimes you can hear one of them cry at night cause they DO NOT like the dark 
they have a side of them that i cant quit figure out about them yet they mean no harm they are who 
they are and want to be together."

Enough said.

Let's move away from dolls for a second and contemplate adding haunted brick paperweights from an old mortuary/embalming unit. Apparently if you pick up random items from spooky sounding places, attach a creepy background to them and snap a couple of out of focus pictures, you can start raking in the cash! Throw around words like "Spanish Flue Pandemic", "bodies stacked up like cords of wood" and "Civil War soldier".

This is not a close up of the bricks themselves, it is said to be spirits gathered at the mortuary where the bricks were taken from. Given this paranormal evidence, those paperweights must be REALLY HAUNTED!

This next item is so possessed that while copying and pasting the original photo for the blog, a spirit must have caused it to show up out of focus. This is Arleseinne, a doll found in an auction locker previuosly owned by a witch. The family members wanted nothing to do with the items purchased from the estate. Why? you ask. BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL TOO HAUNTED!! The photo above shows the doll and a "Mel Meter", a piece of equipment said to pick up paranormal energy levels. The reading is .03, which the seller assures you is wicked haunted. They explain it like this:

"This doll had a note attached and read as follows, a family had called me to pray over their family member who was about to die.  I made a circle around the sick woman and blessed and prayed over the woman  that she would find peace in the after life. I stayed with the sick woman until she passed peacefully and passed over. The family called me a few days later and said they were having a few problems with the doll you see here and wanted to get rid of it because they were uncomfortable around it. They told their friend the witch the doll would move into different spots in the room, there would be very cold spots where the doll was kept, and they would hear their sisters voice calling to them during the night. The witch accepted the doll and told them it was just their sister spirit letting them know she was fine. But they still didn't feel comfortable around the doll."

This possessed doll has a name too - Savannah. The seller claims to have bonded the spirit of this 5 year old girl to the doll and claims it to be VERY active. She opens and closes doors, moves from room to room, moves her arms and if you are lucky will laugh. Surprisingly this doll sold yesterday with 13 people bidding on her, so I am sad to say that this is the one that got away from us.

I could keep this kind of posting up all day. If you do some nosing around on ebay for other possessed items and come across a gem, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below with a link. I will be back tomorrow with another Halloween Countdown blog post, but in the meantime be sure to keep an eye on any dolls you may have milling about your house!


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