Friday, October 17, 2014


We've been on a bit of a David Fincher love fest on Shuffle Function, so any bit of Fincher news is cause for excitement right now.  Shelley read that he's going to be adapting the British TV series Utopia for HBO, and he's going to be directing all six episodes.  GOOD NEWS.  The adaptation will be another collaboration with Gillian Flynn, the author and screenwriter of Gone Girl (novel and film).  MORE GOOD NEWS.  These guys really know how to explore the darker places of humanity, and Utopia is filled with that.

Neither of us had even heard of Utopia until this announcement, so we immediately went to the interwebs to find out about it.  Shelley found this clip of the intro on youtube, and we were instantly won over:

It's dark and weird and graphic and paranoid and has comic books... what's not to love?  You can totally see why a guy like David Fincher would want to adapt it, right?  Further research revealed that there are entire episodes of the show online, too!  Trust us... it's good.  Really really good.  Just imagine what Fincher will do with it...

Here is the full first season of Utopia, courtesy of the interwebs.   Kiss the next six hours of your day away.


[Série-2013] Utopia Vostfr S01E01 Où est... by nko23

[Série-2013] Utopia Vostfr S01E04 Crimes et... by nko23

[Série-2013] Utopia Vostfr S01E05 Trahisons by nko23

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You can find season two available to watch on-line as well. I watched both seasons in the last two days and feel changed by it. Such fantastic writing! Sadly it was not picked up for another season by BBC, even though the writer had two more seasons planned. PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN - Americans will fall so in love with this show once Fincher takes it on that a third and fourth season will get made. If there is any justice in the world - let this happen!