Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Countdown Blog Post #24 - CAKE

I just came from Hilltop Hy-Vee where Amber just completed the Grind-Fu Cinema cake for tomorrow night. You won't get to see the cake itself until tomorrow night before the movies start, , but I can'thelp but share this picture with you. Amber is an artist in "real life", but like Tim and I, she works the old day job to support her art habit. We are sooooooooooo lucky that she does. The cake she has made in the past for us, and the cake she made for tomorrow night's Grind-Fu Cinema are works of art. I sure hope you can join us for the evening and see what she has made. It is incredible! She is very shy, and doesn't like her picture taken. In fact this photo taken a few years ago with Amber and the Bigfoot cake features two elusive figures that are rarely if ever captured on film.

I snapped a picture of her this afternoon, and it sums up Amber and the cake perfectly. That is not real blood by the way - that is Amber's special cake blood concoction. And as I said, she is shy. This is all I can show you for now, but you can see the cake tomorrow night at Grind-Fu. We will have the cake out before the movies start, and we will be eating it up at intermission. I cannot wait. When I left the bakery department, I overheard Amber say to the other decorators, "I'm bummed out now, my Grind-Fu Cake time is over for the year". But we still have tomorrow night! See you then Shuffle Functioneers.


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