Sunday, October 12, 2014

on the twelfth countdown to Halloween day my true love gave to me........

Urban Legends are at best created by a hint of truth, but the story of Harry Hoyt seems to start and end with what you see above. Given that the incident supposedly took place in 1999 in a technological world that records everything, you should be able to find out more on Harry Hoyt, but you don't. I did find another Hoyt named Clifford who suffered the same fate as Harry.

If you listen to the morning show, you have probably heard any of the catch phrases that I have come up with that I hoped would become part of everyday speech. "White as Mallory's Butt" for example. It is one thing to try and start a trend like that, and something else entirely to find creepy pictures and concoct creepy stories to them. What kind of person does that? Anyway, the world wide web is full of these urban legends. Does anybody out there have a favorite they'd like to share with the group? 

Okay,enough of the creepy small talk - we are only a few hours away from the Season 5 Premiere of The Walking Dead. Normally I would have posted about this sooner, but after last season I find myself inching ever closer to not really caring anymore. Walking Dead began as a ground breaking show, with characters I loved and hated equally and dark story lines that even my macabre mind wouldn't dare dream of. It made for a strong three seasons, but they have painted themselves into a corner. How do you top the shock and horrors season after season? I think the simple answer is, you don't. There were two shocking moments last season, Rick's cannibalistic freakout murder spree, and the creepy sister killing girl. That kept me going but into the next season, but I don't have a lot of faith in the upcoming season.

Please, don't get me wrong Shuffle Functioneers. I want them to figure out a way to keep me tuning in every Sunday night. But I also don't want to turn on them either, much like I did with the American version of The Office. They ran that so far into the ground that I no longer cared about any of the characters, and that seemed very selfish on their parts. I don't want that to happen to the Walking Dead, so I am crossing my fingers and anxiously awaiting tonight's premiere. I bet you are doing the same. Expect a full report in the morning and let us know what you think of it too! Drop us an email at


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