Sunday, October 26, 2014


NO!  GRIND-FU IS OVER FOR THE YEAR?  Yep.  I know it sucks, but there you go.  If you didn't go to this evening's Grind-Fu Cinema you missed out on a killer double bill of Drag Me To Hell and You're Next.  All the screamy meemies went down, plus there was cake!  We should probably talk about the cake.

Once again, Amber kicked out the jams on the cake.  Every year we wonder how she will top herself, and every year she tops herself with a vengeance.  This year's cake was based off one of the masks from You're Next.

All the knives and arrows that you see are completely edible.  Check out the serrated edges on those things!

We had a great turnout for the evening, and the crowd managed to kill off the entire cake.  First time ever, I think.

Also, we had loads of costumed folks!

Tina Belcher

Blurry Spiderman Ben Bradley

We were joined by Bryan and Lisa (our favorite Texan)!

It was another great night of films, courtesy of your pals from KMSU!  Thanks for joining us for these movie nights.  This year we've had a bunch of bucket list double bills on the schedule, and with any luck the 2015 season will have even more.  See you some time in the Spring!


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