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Sam Raimi's
Adam Wingard's

Saturday, October 25th @ 7pm
Wiecking 220 Auditorium
Minnesota State University, Mankato

FREE CAKE!  Because they all want cake...

 Oh my dear sweet lord... It seems like only yesterday that this Grind-Fu season began, and now the final one is upon us!  We've shown so many films this year that have been on our bucket list, and it has been a real honor to share them with Grind-Fu audiences.  Once again, you have been some of the best audiences we have ever seen films with, and we thank you for that from the bottom of our clogged cinema loving hearts.

The next Grind-Fu is on October 25th, and October means one thing to the Grind-Fu crew:  HALLOWEEN.  It's all about the chills, thrills, and terror!  It's also about cake.  Cake?  CAKE!

Long time Grind-Fu attendees know that we go all out for the October Grind-Fu, both to celebrate another successful season as well as to celebrate our favorite creepy holiday.  That means treats for you guys.  More specifically, it means stunning horror cake from our resident cake artist Amber.

Amber has won awards and international acclaim for the masterful things she can do with cake, and for good reason:  They're friggin' incredible!  Look at some of these previous masterpieces she has constructed.  It's a shame they had to be eaten, but dammit... THEY'RE DELICIOUS!

Herschell Gordon Lewis Triple Feature

Zombie Double Feature

Suspiria/Seven Double Feature (this is Gwyneth Paltrow's head)

Bigfoot Double Feature

The Exorcist/The Shining Double Feature

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil/Cabin In The Woods Double Feature

WOW.  I'm stunned by her work, but I'm also reminded of just how stellar our Halloween Grind-Fu's have been.  If only we had thought of cake for our first October Grind-Fu, featuring an Ed Wood triple feature!  What would Amber have come up with for that?  THE MIND BOGGLES!

Which brings me to that other pesky feature of Grind-Fu Cinema:  THE CINEMA!  We have another great year ending double bill lined up for yo, that's gonna make you jump out of your seat.  Are you ready for it?  I'm gonna tell you about it anyway.

DRAG ME TO HELL - Directed by Sam Raimi (2009)

Sam Raimi has become a major league film maker over his 35 year in film.  He's helmed massive blockbusters and some amazing small films, but he got his start in the world of uber low budget horror with a little film called EVIL DEADEvil Dead is a relentless terror ride, filled with insane gore and violence, and it still manages to terrify its fans after their millionth re-watch of it.

After three amazing Evil Dead films, Raimi moved on to other genres, but fans still begged for his return to horror.  Finally, in 2009, it happened.  Drag Me To Hell is filled with all the trademarks of classic Sam Raimi horror:  Gore, violence, hyper kinetic directing, and dark humor.  It's a film that makes you laugh while you're jumping out of your seat, and it's a blast to watch.  In particular, Drag Me To Hell is a blast to watch with an audience like you'll get at Grind-Fu Cinema.

YOU'RE NEXT - Directed by Adam Wingard (2013)

When You're Next was in theaters I was going to pass on it.  It looked like it would be just another snuff porn film, making up for its lack of real creativity by going over board with gore and shock.  Boy, was I wrong.  You're Next takes the slasher film and knocks it on its ass.  In a genre that can be ridiculously predictable, this film caught me off guard.  At every turn it had a new surprise, and it had twists that I never saw coming.  It's also really funny.

This is a film that has the full on Grind-Fu seal of approval, gang.  If you like horror that actually does its job and then some, then You're Next is the film you want to see.

We really hope you guys join us for the October Grind-Fu Cinema!  It's gonna be so much fun, AND IT IS COMPLETELY FREE!  AND THERE IS CAKE!  What will Amber's cake be this year?  We won't know until that night, so bring your friends, some snacks, and an appetite for cake and terror, as we end this Grind-Fu Season in style!


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