Thursday, November 06, 2014


Have you guys seen the new Bob Dylan Bootleg Series 11 release?  The one that finally puts out all of The Basement Tapes?  It's stunning.  I mean, the distilled two CD set is probably fine, but the six cd deluxe edition is breathtaking.  It's housed in a box about the size of a small reel-to-reel tape box, and includes a lush book of photographs spanning from the original recording era through the the photo sessions for the first legal release of The Basement Tapes.  While overpriced, the set is wonderful, and I believe it is limited edition.  Tune Town has it, so swing by and give Carl some love!

One of the things that got the Shuffle Function gang really excited about this latest Bootleg Series release is that Garth Hudson was brought in to help supervise and produce the collection.  Garth, in addition to playing on The Basement Tapes, played a major part in the production and recording of the songs, and it seems only right that he was brought in to make sure everything was ship shape.

Rolling Stone produced a great short film of Garth returning to Big Pink, where The Band lived and The Basement Tapes were recorded, for the first time since they moved out in 1968.  He shares lots of memories of those days, and has some great insight into the recording process.  Plus, you get to see the actual basement where history was made.  It's a quick eight minutes of history, so be sure to watch it.

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