Sunday, November 30, 2014


These seats look like screaming theater dung
compared to the ones at the new discount theater.

I finally had a chance to head down to the new discount theater in the old Mankato Mall on Sunday.  The original theater that was down there for decades was always a sentimental favorite, regardless of how dumpy and rundown it got.  It was where I saw the original Star Wars (and all its subsequent re-releases), Raider of the Lost Ark, and a million Summer matinees. I was sad when it packed up, and it was a sad thing when the discount theater that followed also packed up.  Empty movie theaters are a terrible thing.

I think this is the second week that the Cine Grand theater has been open in that old location.  While I haven't heard or seen any reports of how attendance has been, I can personally state that the new owners really dolled up the place.  It looks great.  The theaters are gradual stadium seating, the aisle are wide, and the theater seats are honest to god recliners.  A guy could easily conk out in one of them if he isn't careful.  Plus, the tickets are only $3.25, which is nice.

Right now they have some pretty good movies, and I hope this is a trend that continues and sustains the theater.  I saw John Wick there today and it kicked ten kinds of ass, so knock off your Keanu Reeves eye rolls.  They're also showing Nightcrawler, Dear White People, The Book of Life (for families) and Ouija (for fans of terrible horror films).

Anyway.  I like the theater, and I hope it sticks around.  It would be nice to have a great discount theater flourish in this town again.


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