Friday, November 07, 2014


Tune in to KMSU throughout the day to hear lots of your favorite hosts pitching together to try and wrap up the 2014 Fall Pledge Drive.  I'm pretty sure it's the 10th anniversary of Midwest Beatdown, too, so tune in for a rare live edition tonight!  After that, it's gonna be a big ol' KMSU Record Party, with hosts spinning some of their favorite vinyl acquisitions.  I'm pretty certain that a high percentage of these hosts will be going the KMSU Record Expedition this February, and you can, too!

Vinyl Animation 10

What is the KMSU Record Expedition?  If you pledge $200 during the 2014 Fall Pledge Drive you can hop on a bus full of KMSU show hosts and fellow music geeks when they go to the Twin Cities to hunt for sweet sweet vinyl!  The Expedition is on February 7th, and starts at Tune Town in Mankato, where Carl will open the doors early for some pre-trip digging.  The bus will then head up to Treehouse Records, Hymies, and Roadrunner Records, before going to the Minneapolis Record Show.  All of these places are high octane record buying experiences, and you're going to have a blast.  We'll wrap it up with a trip to the Harriet Brewery Tap Room, where we can compare our hauls.

BUT WAIT!  THERE'S MORE!  On Thursday, February 12th, you can join KMSU hosts LIVE on the radio as we all get together to play our finds!  Honestly, this is going to be so much fun, you guys.  PLUS, YOU GET THE KMSU MUSIC GEEK CAP!  I better stop before I get dizzy.  We hope you will join us for the first ever KMSU Record Expedition!

Thanks again for all your support, Radio Heroes!  Together we make great radio.


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