Friday, November 28, 2014


Oh my dear sweet lord... how many times have I sworn off The Star Wars Universe, only to be pulled back in?  Honestly, I've never hated and resented films as much as I have those prequels, but I'm just spouting sentiment that's overplayed.  At this point I think even the most cynical and heartbroken among us has been filled with traces of hope that the saga can be restored to its former glory, now that George "nobody tells me when I'm wrong" Lucas is out of the game.  Please let this happen.  I can't take more disappointment from these films.

Anyway... I've been waiting all week for the new Star Wars teaser to appear.  Since the new films have been announced I've been doing whatever I can to avoid major spoilers, so this trailer is the first I'm really seeing of anything beyond the casting for the film.  Having watched it, I gotta say THIS LOOKS FRIGGIN' AWESOME.

Right off the bat we've given signs that something is wrong in the Star Wars universe, and we've given reveals of characters we've never seen before.  There's ominous voice over to give us a taste of what's going on, and then... that last shot... oh baby...


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