Saturday, November 08, 2014


One of the first things I did after discovering WFMU was to browse their schedule.  I immediately noticed a show called The Best Show On WFMU, and thought "how insanely arrogant to call your show 'The Best Show' on a station like WFMU!"  It turns out that it wasn't just a clever name.  Each week Tom Scharpling would bring amazing laughs and music to the airwaves, and in the process he built a tremendous reputation as one of the funniest and most inventive radio humorists working today.  His work with Jon Wurster was wildly inventive, and together they created a world of memorable characters like Ronald Thomas Clontle, author of Rock, Rot & Rule:

Rock, Rot and Rule was their first major long form comedy piece, and it gained quite a bit of notoriety.  For the next decade and a half they developed a reputation among top humorists and comedians for having the sharpest comedic sensibility on the airwaves.  The Best Show ended its run in December of 2013, but now you can experience some of its best bits on a new compilation coming out next year called Scharpling and Wurster: The Best of the Best Show Box Set.  Yes, the best label in the world is putting out a collection of best bits from The Best Show on WFMU.  75 comedy pieces over SIXTEEN CDs.  Numero Group obviously knows quality, and now Scharpling and Wurster are getting the deluxe treatment.  Pre-orders even get a piece of the phone that was used during the recording of Rock, Rot and Rule!

This is already good news for Best Show fans, but now there's even better news:  THE BEST SHOW IS RETURNING.  Sometime in November you'll be able to once again catch The Best Show on WFMU on the WFMU schedule. We're sure to be talking about their return on the show, so stay tuned for news.  Additional good news is that Scharpling and Wurster did an infomercial for Adult Swim's 4:00am Infomercial time slot.  It's a fictional tourism ad for the community of Newbridge they created for The Best Show.  More genius!


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