Tuesday, November 25, 2014


There have only been a few Velvet Underground reunions over the years.  The first was for a performance at an Andy Warhol tribute in France for the Cartier foundation.

This led to the inevitable reunion tour across Europe.  I've never been a fan of these performances, and even less so after reading about how tense and messed up the band politics were at this time.

The third reunion occurred after Sterling Morrison died and VU was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  They performed the last ever original Velvets song in Sterling's honor.

The final reunion was at the New York Public Library in 2009 to celebrate a very cool book that had just come out called Velvet Underground: New York Art. It's sort of like The Velvet's Beatles Anthology, because it's filled with amazing photos and memorabilia, as well as memories from the band and those around them.  Velvet Underground: New York Art is a gorgeous artifact.  You could get the standard book, but there was also a limited edition version with a 7" featuring a couple of songs pulled from some of Moe Tucker's acetates.  It's pretty cool.

Anyway, David Fricke from Rolling Stone ran a Q&A with Lou Reed, Moe Tucker, and Doug Yule to celebrate the release of the book.  They talk about the history of the band and its legacy, and it's also interesting just to see the dynamic between the band members.  Right off the bat you can see that Lou defers to Moe, which is interesting.  Not even Lou will mess with Moe.


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