Sunday, November 30, 2014

What do Tom Waits and Yo La Tengo have in common (other than being awesome)?


Got it figured out yet?

The answer is "this week on KMSU." 

This Tuesday, December 2nd, we will be celebrating Yo La Tengo's 30th Anniversary with all three hours dedicated to this amazing band. It will be an all vinyl extravaganza, and I will be playing a number of deep cuts that I have never played on the show before. If you listen to us often, you know that this is a band that we play on almost a daily basis, so that is saying something! Be sure to tune in for this Shuffle Functioneers. If Yo La Tengo isn't already one of your favorite bands, they probably will be after Tuesday morning's morning show. 

Next up is a Day Sponsorship for Tom Waits. Friday, December 5th, we will be playing Tom Waits all morning on Shuffle Function and throughout the day as well. This marks the second year in a row that we will be celebrating his birthday and his music! We will definitely be asking for your requests throughout the day, so feel free to start emailing them to us at The week is looking to be an amazing one - so be sure to help us get the word out, and don't forget to tune in yourselves!

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