Wednesday, December 03, 2014


These guys have seen some stuff.

There's a great moment during The Stones' performance in Hampton, VA, 1981, where Bobby Keys joins them on stage for Brown Sugar, and during Bobby's solo Keith is perfectly framed by Bobby's Saxophone.  Something about that image seems to sum up the relationship between those two.  They were rock and roll brothers, and so much so that Keith turned entire sections of his autobiography over to Bobby to tell the stories that needed telling.  I love that.

 This television has seconds to live.

By now you probably know that Bobby Keys died on Tuesday.  We spent a good chunk of Wednesday's show paying tribute to the man, and it was pretty great.  Moments like this really bring the listeners together, and we had some wonderful feedback on the show.  This is why KMSU supporters are the best in the world.

While we were still processing Bobby's death, news came down the pike that Ian McLagan, formerly of Small Faces, The Faces, and occasional Stones sideman, had a massive stroke.  Lisa, our favorite Texan, told us what happened and asked us to play some Faces for Ian on the Thursday show, and not long after that it was announced that he had passed away.  He was supposed to perform at First Avenue tonight with Nick Lowe, too.

Ian with The Faces

It's been a crappy 48 hours for music lovers.

So Thursday we'll probably be playing loads of stuff that Ian McLagan played on.  We are, as always, taking your requests.  Also, I'm begging the universe to give us all a break.  I think I speak for all of us when I say we've had enough of the heartbreak for a while.


 Seriously, what kind of lottery does a person have to win to hang out with 
Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Charlie Watts?

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