Sunday, December 07, 2014


2013? Didn't you mean to write 2014??  NO - I MEANT TO DO THAT!!

The playlist for the show is something I have had to let go for a long time. My typing style could be easily referred to as "hunt and peck", and when we went to three hours for the morning show it was taking me almost that long to do a week's worth of playlists. Then this last fall while having beers with a number of other KMSU DJ's, Steve (The Supreme Ruler Of Sound) suggested I just snap a photo of the playlist. A light bulb when on over my head - it's such an easy way to solve my dilemma! Now the problem is simply finding the time to catch up. I will do my best today to get out of 2013 and into 2014. Wish me luck!

 SEPTEMBER 16, 2013  (2365)

SEPTEMBER 17, 2013  (2366)

SEPTEMBER 18, 2013  (2367)

SEPTEMBER 19, 2013  (2368)

SEPTEMBER 20, 2013  (2369)

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