Friday, December 05, 2014


Have you ever watched the Chris Gethard Show?  Now would be a great time to start, because Sleater-Kinney was on the show this week.  Since this is CGS there is more anarchy than anything, and the band doesn't really get a chance to do much other than play a game called All Hands On The Bad One, where the participants  have to keep their hands on Chris' horrible neighbor.  If someone takes a hand off of "the bad one" they are eliminated.  The last person standing gets to destroy a cardboard city like they are Godzilla.  Also, there's a pretty great live set from Priests.

Hey, is that Tom Scharpling in the background?


Here are a couple of other episodes of The Chris Gethard Show that are pretty elaborate conceptually.  The first episode features a conflict between Chris and another Public Access television host that had been glaring at him from the back of the studio.  Chris invites him on for a dialogue that gets into station politics and quickly devolves into chaos. 

A few days after this aired it was revealed that it was a hoax, but it also led into a very funny follow up episode where the rival host takes over Chris' time slot with out warning.  It's implied that Chris was booted from the station and that this guy will now be airing regularly in that slot.  I'd tell you more but I don't want to ruin the amazingly weird ending to the show.  It's pretty shocking and genius.

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