Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy Accidents with Swears at the End

Sunday we made a trek up to the Twin Cities to see Inherent Vice with Scooter Polanski. For some goofy reason, Paul Thomas Anderson's latest masterpiece is now only showing at The Lagoon theater after having opened only a few weeks ago. Now how a movie called Chef can stay in Mankato for four months and yet Inherent Vice can't even come to town, or stay in more than one theater for less than a month, I will never know. But I digress.

We had an hour to kill before the film started and decided to hit Cheapos across the street. I promised myself not to buy any vinyl until the KMSU Record Expedition, but it doesn't hurt to look. You never know what you might find, and almost immediately I found a record by the T-Bones that I couldn't say no to, and so once you find one record it is easier to say yes to a few more. Picked up an Al Ciola Tuff Guitar British Invasion album, a Mike Nesmith record for Tim, and he found me a sealed K-Tel album I didn't have. It was turning into a good day, and we hadn't even seen the movie yet.

And then it happened.

We were getting ready to go, standing in the recently arrived 45 records area, comparing finds. I started looking through the pile and found something I never expected to find. Immediately I covered it up and told Tim to have a look for himself. Knowing this would be historic, I videotaped the moment. Have a look for yourself at what happened next.

Not sure what that is that Shyboy Tim is freaking out about? That is the 45 record that we made for Shuffle Function with our theme song on the A side and The Rythmaplex Project on the B side. We did all the art work for that, got it mixed and went through the entire "let's make a record" experience with it. We know they are out there - they were given away as premiums a number of years ago, and we pass them out to the vinyl geeks that pass through our doors, but it is still a shock to see that a copy made it all the way up to the Twin Cities. I bought it - I had to! - for two bucks. It will reside in a special place in my collection. 


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