Tuesday, February 10, 2015


You guys... you guys you guys you guys... The KMSU Record Expedition was SO FUN!  A bus full of DJs and Music Geeks hopped a bus to the Twin Cities and went crazy on the vinyl all day long.  We knew it would be a blast, but it went beyond any expectations.  Between amazing record finds folks had time to document what went down.  Big thanks to Tom and Amy for being quick with a camera!

Don't forget to tune in THIS THURSDAY from six to nine p.m. as the folks from the expedition spin their sweet vinyl finds live on KMSU!  It's the perfect end to a perfect trip.


Everybody met at Tune Town, Mankato's very own independent record store.  Carl opened early so folks could do some pre-trip browsing.

The first stop in Twin Cities was the Record Show, which is held at the VFW on Lyndale.  The place was packed with wall to wall vendors.  You couldn't take a step without finding something you shouldn't live with out but simply could not afford.

Stop two was just a short walk away, as the group headed to Treehouse Records (formerly Oar Folkjokeopus, where bands like Husker Du and The Replacements would hang out.  Ever heard of them?)

PIT STOP:  The legendary CC Club for a late breakfast and refreshments.

Stop number three was Roadrunner Records, a small but glorious shop on Nicollet Avenue South.  There's always something waiting to be discovered at Roadrunner.

Last shop on the bill was Hymie's Vintage Records on East Lake.  Hymie's has a remarkable selection of used vinyl, and they just started putting out their own recordsThis shop is so cool they made Rolling Stone's list of the top 30 Record Stores in America!

The final stop on the expedition was the Harriet Brewing Tap Room, where this fuzzy little fella watched over the proceedings.

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