Saturday, March 07, 2015

Must Hear Radio - KMSU's New 3 p.m. Radio Shows

We have welcomed a number of new radio show hosts to the 3 o'clock hour on KMSU. For as long as I can remember we would air three hours of World Cafe, but the third hour would be a repeat of the first hour. This was a great opportunity to expand the KMSU volunteer community and I highly recommend you to tune in at 3 p.m. and give them a listen. So let me introduce you to the new shows.

Monday 3 p.m. Embrace The Sound with Steve Guse

Guse has been with KMSU for a number of years but you might not have ever heard him (his show was on really really late on Sunday nights). Now it is much easier to catch his show, and you definitely should. His playlist is vast, from old school country to folk, to local music, brass bands, rock, you name it. You can find out more at his facebook page here. Guse is also the guy who brought Sonny Knight and The Lakers to the Rockbend Folk Festival, the guy who told me about Kanesville Kollectibles, and the guy responsible for our annual Neil Young Day Sponsorship. Yep, Guse is all that and more!

Tuesday 3 p.m. Foxy Playground with Ruby and Maya

If you have listened to Shuffle Function for a few years, than you might already know who Ruby is. She has been a repeat offender on our morning show as Program Director For The Day, and she and her mom Slamara Sue have joined us as well to talk about the MAD Girls Roller Derby team. Ruby has also been an honorary member of The Fleshtones when pulled on stage to play bass guitar for them at a gig in Chicago. Ruby and her co-host Maya are both attending MSU Mankato, and both have a fondness for the TV show Frasier and drive-thru Taco Bell. Their playlist ranges from new to old; classic to loud, and basically consists of music they like, as it always should. They also have a facebook page that you can find here.

Wednesday 3 p.m. Sessions In 3/4 Time with Mark Martinez

I first met Mark when he stopped by the station during our Shuffle Function 24 hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go a few years back. He told us that he'd just moved into the area and had found KMSU on the radio dial, and wanted to help answer phones during the Pledge Drive. From that moment on we knew Mark was someone to keep an eye on. Over the years he has been a Program Director for the day on the Shuffle Function morning show - spinning records from his early years engrossed in the California Punk scene to dedicating a show to Jeff Tweedy. He also helped us out with Radio Karaoke - singing a killer version of Wichita Lineman one year. His show will look at one artist or musician and explore their roots and influences. I guarantee you will  hear some new tunes and some old favorites on his show. I don't believe he has a facebook page yet, but I will let you know when he does.

Thursday 3 p.m. The Variety Pack with Jameson Sweiger

I met Jameson via Dave from Free Form Freakout. He was a guest on Dave's FFFoxy Podcast a few times, and vinyl collector and a perfect addition to the KMSU record loving community. Recently he was in the Mankato Free Press - click on this link if you didn't get a chance to see it.  When you tune into The Variety Pack you will hear a lot of hiss and pop of vinyl, and a playlist to drool over. If you are a fan of soul, R & B, and Numero Records you will definitely not want to miss Jameson's show. Again I don't know of a facebook page or blog for The Variety Pack, but I will pass along a link to one if I can in the future.

Friday 3 p.m. The Way Out with Joe Tougas 

YES !!! THAT JOE TOUGAS !!! Joe is not a stranger to KMSU. He has hosted a number of shows on the station over the years (The Zappa Hour comes to mind), and he is back for more. Joe plans on exploring the creative world, be it through music, writing or art. Sometimes he will host solo, and other times he will invite co-hosts in to play music or just talk about whatever comes to mind. In writing this description, I realize I just assume that you all know Joe, either from his days at The Free Press reviewing movies and tracking down the Arts and Culture Scene, or as one half of The Frye. If you don't know who Joe Tougas is, then tune in at 3 p.m. on Fridays and get to know him. He is a fountain of creativity, a fantastic musical resource and all around fun and funny guy. We are very glad to have him back at the station!

So there you go - all of the new 3 p.m. shows. Please keep in mind that this is just a brief overview of each new show. The best way to learn more is to tune in at 3 o'clock and hear for yourself. It is always a treat to add more local volunteers to the world of KMSU, more people playing the music they love is never ever a bad thing! Welcome to the airwaves Joe, Guse, Ruby, Maya, Mark and Jameson!


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Yay, thanks for this update. I've been trying to listen but so far only have caught a couple shows.