Friday, March 06, 2015

now here is the joke I messed up this morning.......

I can never remember a joke, and so it is very difficult for me to tell a joke. If you are a long time Shuffle Function listener, you may recall my difficulty with even delivering a knock - knock joke successfully. This morning on the show I tried to share with you all a joke made by my co-worker's son. His name is Gabriel, and he is only four years old, but he wrote a perfect joke. If you heard me try to tell it this morning, please try to block it from your memory. Here is the real deal:

Gabriel's Joke

What does a duck do when he has no legs?

He finds them.

A big thanks to Mindy for sharing this joke with me  - and for helping me make sure I got it right. In sixteen years from now keep an eye out for Gabriel Smith, head writer for Saturday Night Live!


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