Sunday, March 22, 2015

Thank You Sonny Knight and The Lakers!

We told you not to miss this - and I sure hope you didn't! Last night Mankato was blessed with one of the tightest, funkiest, kick-assiest bands you will ever hear, Sonny Knight and The Lakers. In my opinion, Sonny Knight could probably not only raise the dead when he takes the stage, but get them up shaking their dry bones to his dance music. Even I was standing upfront doing my awkward stand/shake/dance moves! The last time we all saw the band together was at last year's Rockbend Folk Festival. Since then they have stretched out a bit. The Lakers starts each set with a number instrumental pieces before bringing Sonny up on the stage. This band is the real deal and at the top of their game, and so it is a real treat to hear them play. AND - you just got to love a band with a horn section and an organ!

Last night we were given a very special treat - the band debuted three new songs as an encore. They were all amazing - the first two soulfully heartbreaking - really showing off Sonny's vocal expertise and the third made us all shake our tail feathers. We were the first people to hear them, and I for one cannot wait to hear them again. This band is so very special, and are still having so much fun on the stage that it is contagious. You will also not meet a kinder and friendlier band than Sonny Knight and The Lakers. Before the show, during the break, and long after they were done they each took time talking and laughing with their fans. Rarely do you get to do that at a show - but they encouraged it and again had a blast chatting away. If you didn't get out to see them - you need to catch them a future show. You don't want to go through life not having enjoyed this great band - and they are in our own backyard! Thanks again to Sonny Knight and all The Lakers. You gave us another night we won't forget.


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