Saturday, April 04, 2015

couches are my new BFF

I had a particularly hellish week of work - clocking in 63 hours in five days - and I am recovering on the couch today. There is lots to feast my eyes on in the Netflix world; season four of Louie, Derek series finale, and I can never get enough of Anthony Bourdain. But having just finished up Patton Oswalt's movie geek memoir, Silver Screen Fiend, I thought I'd look ahead at the summer movie line-up. This is going to be an epic summer for every superhero ever and the return of Han Solo, but I thought I'd narrow my search a bit and look for some horror flicks.

These look interesting:

Remember - if you go to matinees, it is still light out when you leave the theater. Just a suggestion.
Now back to my couch time.


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