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Bruce Lee was one of the biggest stars in the world at the time of his death.  When he died there was a massive void in the martial arts film industry, and there was no shortage of people looking to cash in on it.  Celebrity death has always led to people looking to make a quick buck, and in this case it led to an entire new genre of film:  Bruceploitation.

What is Bruceploitation?  Bruceploitation is a genre that was created for the sole purpose of cashing in on the death of Bruce Lee.  Actors were given stage names similar to Bruce's and movies were given similar titles to his films on the off chance that moviegoers would throw a few dollars away on their product.  Those moviegoers were, more often than not, disappointed.

Notable Bruceploitation actors:
Bruce Li
Bruce Lai
Bruce Le
Bruce Lei
Bruce Lie
Bruce Liang
Bruce Leung
Bruce Ly
Bruce Thiang
Bruce Lea
Brute Lee
Lee Bruce
Myron Bruce Lee (Myron Bruce Lee?  I guess there are only so many variations.)

Notable Bruceploitation films:
Re-Enter the Dragon
Enter Two Dragons
Return of Bruce
Enter Another Dragon
Return of the Fists of Fury
Enter the Game of Death
Bruce Lee's Secret
Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger
The Clones of Bruce Lee
The Dragon Lives Again (Bruce vs James Bond and Dracula!)
Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave

Come up with a title, throw a Dragon in there, and you've got yourself a film.

The Bruceploitation flick we're interested in is Fist of Fear, Touch of Death.  Made in 1980, it centers around the 1979 World Karate Championships, which were supposed to determine the successor to Bruce Lee.  That's a pretty flimsy premise for an extremely muddled film that mixes reenactments, badly spliced and dubbed interviews, conspiracy theory, and a questionable biography of Bruce Lee.  To make things even worse, it takes about 45 minutes somewhere in the middle of things to insert old footage of Bruce Lee and scenes from Chinese Kung Fu films in a weak attempt to tell Lee's story.

It's all very confusing, and not at all good, but it makes for some incredibly insane movie viewing.  Fist of Fear, Touch of Death is not supposed to be funny, but it turned out to be pretty damn hilarious.

Join us on Saturday, April 25th, as we watch Fist of Fear, Touch of Death, along with the immortal film The Guy From Harlem (which we're screening for the fifth year in a row!)  Both of them are mind-numbingly bad, but you're gonna have a great time watching them.

With second exciting feature

Saturday, April 25th @ 7:00pm
Wiecking 220 Auditorium
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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