Thursday, April 30, 2015


Last night was a blast - I sure hope you had a chance to tune in at some point! We had a number of KMSU volunteers in the studio playing their vinyl and sharing their enthusiasm for this amazing station. A big thanks to everyone who pledged, gave matching grants, and responded to our "geekiness". Here is last night's playlist for the KMSU Record Party:

1. Thelonius Monk - Bolivar Blues (Shelley)
2. The Blue Boys - Soakin' Up Suds (Jameson)
3. Devlin Bowery - Razzle Dazzle/Bad Bad Leroy Brown (Jameson)
4. Ty Segal - Imaginary Person (Autumn and Sam)
5. Van Morrison - You Gotta Make It Through The World (Dan)
6. Mac Demarco - Cooking Up Something Good (Autumn and Sam)
7. Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks - Lariat (Guse)
8. Counter Intuits - Time Was Update (Dave)
9. Libido Boyz - S.O.S. (Tim)
10. Tilth - Prarie Waltz (Dave's test pressing World Premiere!)
11. Staple Singers - I'll Take You There (Mo)
12. Greazy Meal - One Man's Dream (Guse)
13. Kate Rusby - Sleepless Sailor (Michael)
14. Beatifics - Yeah Yeah (Tim)
15. Entombed - Chief Rebel Angel (Bob)
16. Kingsmen - Ooh Pa Pa Doo (Shelley)
17. Phil Manzenera - Diamond Head (Gully)
18. Barry White - It's Ecstasy When You Lie Next To Me (Mo)
19. Deertick - The Ghost (Guse)
20. Craft - Come Residents Of Doom (Bob)
21. Animals and Men - Shop Talk (Dave)
22. Think - Once You Understand (Carl)
23. Devo - Gut Feeling (Carl)
24. The Kinks - Do You Remember Walter?
25. Blank Realm - ? (Dave) (I didn't get the name of the song! Sorry.)

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