Friday, May 01, 2015


Amazing art by Grandmaster Flash Tom

WOW!  What an incredible morning!  We're sorry we had to resort to such extreme measures, but the final day of the pledge drive sometimes requires us to get a little rough.  If you missed the show this Friday, we felt we had to destroy the radio station to save the radio station.  We played songs that nobody should have to hear on the radio to show you just how bad it could be.  If someone pledged $25 or more we'd IMMEDIATELY stop the terrible song and play something that you would actually want to hear on the radio.

Did we go too far?  Maybe.  Was it a success?  YES!  So many Radio Heroes did what they could to stop the madness and save radio that KMSU ended up raising over $2600!  As of nine o'clock this morning the station needs less than $2300 to end the pledge drive!  Not only that, but we're less than $2300 away from GETTING THE NEW TRANSMITTER!

You guys have been incredible though this entire drive.  Every morning we've heard you loud and clear, and during the marathon you stepped up and helped us raise the most we've ever collected in 24 hours.  This has been such a remarkable pledge drive, and it's all thanks to you.


There's only a little way to go and the whole thing will be over with!  If you haven't stepped up and done your part to keep KMSU alive and healthy, please do so now.  Not only are you helping us get the much needed new transmitter, but you're also showing the university that you think KMSU is a valuable part of the community.  That pretty much rocks.

Check out the sweet thank you gifts we have available starting at $25 and up.  Maybe get the new Shuffle Function shirt?  It's a masterpiece.  Kaitlin Baumann's art blew us away, and we're so honored to have it available as the shirt this Spring.  Go for The Kinks set, if you're feeling music geeky.  All your new favorite songs are in it.  The important thing is that you pledge.

507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810
Pledge online @

We want to thank you guys in person, so please go to the KMSU Listener Appreciation party THIS SATURDAY at Patricks on 3rd in St. Peter.  It's gonna be so much fun, plus it's free!  We have two great bands on deck for you.  The first is The Gram Parsons Project, a full band Gram Parsons Tribute featuring Ann and Joe from The Frye.  This will be their first ever performance, so be there to cheer them on!  The second act is Kinda Kinky, an amazing Kinks tribute from The Twin Cities.  These guys are a total and complete blast, and you'll be dancing until they shut down the join.


Thanks again, Radio Heroes.  This has been an amazing pledge drive.  Once again you have proven that KMSU has the greatest listeners in the world!


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