Sunday, May 24, 2015


It's that time again!  We've picked the contenders for Smash Hit Song of the Summer 2015!  It was exceptionally difficult because folks sent us some pretty great suggestions, but after many tears and a disturbing amount of arm wrestling we've narrowed them all down to the final four.  They're pretty good.

Starting Monday, May 25th, you can begin voting for the song you think deserves the SHSOTS crown.  We'll be playing them all week long, so listen for them and see what you think.  You'll also find the songs in this post so you can follow up and give them a listen at your leisure.  Honestly, any of the four could very easily become the soundtrack of your 2015 Summer.

HOW DO YOU VOTE?  It's crazy how many options you have for voting.  You don't even have to present an ID and a utility bill to do it.  You just need to love music, and then take advantage of one of these options:
  1. Call 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and use your face mouth to tell us in our head ear via the talk phone.
  2. Text to 507-389-5678 and let Mancamp the Hamster relay your message.
  3. E-mail us at
  4. Leave a comment on this blog post. No Anonymous votes, please!
  5. Leave a comment on the Shuffle Function Facebook page.
There are many options.  Remember, if you don't vote for Smash Hit Song of the Summer you'll get the song you deserve!  At the end of the show on Friday, May 29th we'll declare the winner.  GET VOTIN', FOLKS!

Let's now take a moment and give Rachel Brooke's A Killer's Dream, our SHSOTS of 2014, a victory lap!  You dun gud, Rachel!

Here are the contenders for Smash Hit Song of the Summer 2015!

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