Wednesday, June 24, 2015


About a week ago I posted about the strange and reassuring game Chris Gethard Hug Out, and already I'm writing more about Chris and his crazy awesome show.  Episode 3 just went live on the Fusion website, and it's a total blast.  In this episode, Chris and several other folks from the show went for 36 hours without sleep and then taped their show.  As a morning show host and radio marathon veteran, this is something that speaks to me.  Seth Meyer is the guest, and he's incredibly supportive, particularly when delivering monologue jokes that Chris wrote in his sleep deprived state.

There's so much in this episode that captures what I've always loved about The Chris Gethard Show.  It has humor, anarchy, and a ton of heart.  I really love this show, and I hope you guys will like it, too.  My guess is that this will be the episode that makes you fall in love or drives you away forever.


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