Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Saturday, June 27th @ 7:00pm
Wiecking 220 Auditorium
on the campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato

The June Grind-Fu double bill is weird, gruesome, in poor taste, and hilarious.  It features films of varying budgets and qualities, but both titles are wildly entertaining.  Let's explore, shall we?

The Undertaker and His Pals (1966)
Directed by T.L.P. Swicegood

This film was one of the first wave of full-on gore films that was kicked off by Herschell Gordon Lewis' Blood Feast.  There's loads of gore, a very low budget, and all kinds of super dark humor.  We screened The Undertaker and His Pals a few years ago, and it was an unexpected hit.  It's such an ideal Grind-Fu Cinema film.  Here's the trailer for it.  Apparently they inserted medical footage into it for sensationalism, but none of that made the final cut.  ENJOY!

This is a film that plays to its strengths, and most of those are its total and complete lack of strengths in areas usually associated with a quality film.  The Undertaker and His Pals is "an expose of THE YOUNGER GENERATION!  That SICK generation!" Now how much would you pay?  If there answer is nothing, then you are in luck!


Drive-In Massacre (1977)
Directed by Stu Segall

There was a wave of change sweeping over the home video rental market as VHS tapes began to be replaced by DVDs.  Many of the rental shops either went out of business or they gradually replaced their tapes with discs.  Entrepreneurs would snatch up the phased out stock and make a mint selling them at pop up sales that would move from town to town.

The great thing about these video sales is that you would often find really obscure and weird stuff that was rushed out to cash in on the blossoming rental market.  Many times these were movies of questionable quality and exceptionally limited release, so for movie geeks these sales were a chance to find films you had only ever read about.  The prices were reasonable enough that you could afford to pick up some lurid looking horror film for a few bucks and, if you were lucky, the movie would be just as bad as the cover art promised.

It was at one of these sales that Shyboy Tim picked up his first copy of Drive-In Massacre, and the filmed lived up to all the hopes and dreams that the box provided.  Drive-In Massacre is a TERRIBLE film, with TERRIBLE acting, and a TERRIBLE script that has been offered no favors by the TERRIBLE directing.  This is a TERRIBLE film.  This perfect storm of shortcomings, however, resulted in an amazing movie.

If we're to be completely honest with you, Drive-In Massacre is a movie that you will either love or hate.  We know of one person that screened it for someone and they became enraged that they had just surrendered an hour and a half of their life to a film like this.  Don't let that stop you, though.  Shyboy Tim really loves this movie, and it's so supremely cheesy that the gang at Grind-Fu can't help but think it will go over like gang busters.  Consider this a promise or a dare.

Join us on Saturday, June 27th at 7:00pm for a double bill of truly crazy movies.  Bring your friends, snacks and sodas, and a willingness to have a great time.  Grind-Fu audiences are the best, too.  They're in it to have fun and love movies, so if that sounds like you then you'll be in good company.  Grind-Fu Cinema is also FREE, so we've got you covered.

I'm the new boy in town!  Where can I go?

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