Saturday, June 13, 2015


I've been sporadically watching The Chris Gethard Show for a few years now.  It started out as an anarchic public access show and grew into a crazy televised family.  The cast of misfits is strange and hilarious, and it's pretty fun to watch them play off each other.  They're relentlessly positive.  You should watch it some time.  Loads of the old public access episodes are on YouTube, and the brand new Fusion episodes are archived at

The most recent episode on is about video games.  They play a live action version of Duck Hunt, they talk about how games can impact people socially, and they introduce two people that have only ever met in World of Warcraft.  They also introduce a game made especially for the show called Chris Gethard's Hug Out.  The concept is simple and it makes total sense within the context of Chris' show.  All you do is type in something that is making you anxious, and then Chris will give you some reassuring words.  Then he'll hug you.  That's it.  That's the whole game.

CLICK HERE to play Chris Gethard's Hug Out.  You'll find it weirdly comforting.


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