Friday, June 19, 2015


Today is the birthday of Nick Drake.  We just devoted the entire morning show to his music, and I feel like I should keep the momentum going.  Listening to Nick Drake is a personal experience, and I think his music means different things to different people.  It's not the type of music that one can be passive about. 

Nick's music is so timeless.  Maybe it's because generations of musicians after him have been desperately trying to capture the magic in his songs, but the music doesn't feel dated.  There's really nothing like it.  Nick Drake music is Nick Drake music, and anything else is just a tribute.

I have a couple of videos here for you to check out.  The first one is "A Skin Too Few", a great documentary about Nick's life and music.  It features interviews with key players in his life, including his sister Gabrielle.  It's a great watch.  The second video is Joe Boyd talking about the "Five Leaves Left" album.  He gets into what it was like in the studio with Nick and how the album was recorded.  Oh to be a fly on the wall during those sessions...


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Anonymous said...

I was suddenly reminded of something Al Stewart said to me a few years back:

"You know, if I had died right after making 'Past Present and Future' [in 1974], I'd be Nick Drake now!"

So true!

-- Not Daniel Johnston