Monday, July 06, 2015

100 % chance of Shelley playing more 45's tomorrow morning!

I spent almost the entire show this morning playing through a big pile of 45 records I brought in from home, the majority of which I'd never dropped a record needle on before. It was sooooo much fun that I've decided to continue trying to trim down my 7" collection. I have to say there were some pretty amazing records I stumbled upon this morning, like these for example:

One of my favorites!

Gary's favorite - along with all the Hot Rod tunes I played: The Sunrays!

For when you miss The Ledge!

This was amazing!

I hope to hit upon some keepers again in the morning, so be sure to tune in to KMSU for your daily dose of hiss and pop. I'll be spinning 45's from 6 to 9 a.m. and determining which records get to stay and which should really find a new home.  OH - whomever Pam Ransom is, you have amazing taste in music! As Gary pointed out this morning, back in the day folks would write their names on their 45 records because they didn't want to loose them at record parties. Often they would be stacked onto the player and mixed all together. ANYWAY, a number of the records that I fell head over heels in love with had either "PAM" or "PAM R" or "RANSOM" handwritten on them in pen. Whoever you are, I sure hope I bought everyone of your 45's I came across the day I picked these up at a thrift store!

So expect to hear some more of these on Shuffle Function in the morning (NO! these aren't mine, it's just a picture from the on-lines) and I will be sure to mention the Pam Ransom records.


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