Thursday, July 23, 2015


Image by Grandmaster Flash Tom

Yeah... so we put it out there... uh... and we said we should all vote for how Radio Roulette gets played on Friday.  Do we play with the full collection (which has only been done once with horrible results) or do we play with the more manageable travel set?  You did hear our warnings about playing with ALL the K-Tel albums, right?  About how bad it has gone and could easily go again? Hello?

Despite our warnings and pleadings (or perhaps because of them) Shuffle Function listeners OVERWHELMINGLY voted to have Radio Roulette played with the entire collection of of K-tel records, which numbers somewhere around 400 albums.  "How bad could it be?" said many of you.  Folks, I'm here to tell you that it could be bad.  Very bad.

We went out to the tower and left our offerings for the Radio Gods, hoping that they will grant us a humane and listenable Radio Roulette.  The whole reason we started leaving these offerings was because the last time we used the entire K-Tel collection it was so bad... SO BAD... that we considered never playing Radio Roulette again. My exact words were "Do you remember when this used to be fun?"

So we leave the offerings and ask that we be cut some slack.  It has worked pretty well so far, but then we've never dared return to the entire collection.  Until now.  Crap.


This is what the traveling collection we've been using looks like:

And these photos show all the albums Shelley is spending the day organizing.  It's no small task, but it is actually something she's been wanting to get together for a while.  So I guess there's a silver lining to the voting outcome?  Maybe?

Even though you guys will have the option of changing the station when things get rough, we hope you'll stick with us tomorrow morning from six to nine a.m. as Shuffle Function celebrates eleven years of the morning show with three solid hours of Shuffle Function Radio Roulette.  It's completely random radio, folks.  There's nothing we can do about it.  Probably it'll be okay, right?  RIGHT?!!  We'll also be joined via the interwebs by our favorite Texan and longtime radio pal Lisa, who'll be armed with loads of trivia to hopefully distract us from any dark corners of the radioverse we should enter.

Thanks a ton for all the support you have given us and the station throughout the years.  Without listeners like you KMSU would be nothing.  For realz.


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