Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Less than 24 hours left to vote!

No matter what - this Friday from 6 to 9 am we will be celebrating 11 years of the Shuffle Function morning show. Here is a list of what we know:

1) We plan on doing three hours of Shuffle Function Radio Roulette, courtesy of listener Tom Hughes Day Sponsorship. 

2) You will have an opportunity to choose a number and play roulette by calling or texting the station. If you like - you could stop by KMSU yourself and pick a number out of the hat, roll dice and flip coins! You are welcome to pay us a visit.

That is about it for the known part of Friday morning.

The big undecided question is DO WE PLAY RADIO ROULETTE WITH ALL OF THE K-TEL RECORDS? or DO WE ONLY USE THE TRAVELING VERSION? This is a big decision to be made, and we are letting you, our listeners decide for us. Scroll down to the next entry to see the pros and cons for each option. When you have made your choice, please drop us an email at or leave a comment on the blog. You can also leave a comment on the Face Book Shuffle Function page. Or - call and tell us what you think in the morning. VOTING ENDS TOMORROW MORNING AT 9 a.m.

I will leave you alone now with your thoughts now. You have a big decision to make.


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