Tuesday, July 21, 2015


The Shuffle Function Morning Show turns eleven on Sunday!  Eleven years of getting up before any reasonable person should and having the most fun we'll have all day, and yet I'll still never be a morning person.  Anyway, we were talking about what we should do to mark the occasion, and it looks like we're going to be playing three hours of Shuffle Function Radio Roulette.  Three hours of leaving it up to the radio gods.  We feel like we're up to the challenge... or are we?

Normally we play Radio Roulette with a travel set of records to draw from, which is to say it's about a quarter of Shelley's complete collection of Ktel records.  This is because it's easier to move around, and also because we played with her full collection once.  ONCE.  That one time was one of the most miserable experiences we've had in radio.  Honestly, the show turned out so bad that we decided to record it again because we thought there was NO WAY a second pass could go so poorly.  We were wrong, and the result was two unbearably bad shows.  A coin was flipped to determine which show we would air.

This morning we threw a choice out to you guys.  Do we play with the travel set, which would probably still be a fun show if things went south, or do we play with the FULL set of 400-ish Ktel records?  If we play with the full set the odds are pretty good that the show will turn out to be unbearable.  I'm not even going to try and hold out hope.  The show will hurt us.

So what do we do?  Full set or travel set?  Let us know what you want and that's what we'll play with.  Call or text 507-389-5678 or call 1-800-456-7810 during the morning show, or sent an e-mail to shufflefunction@hotmail.com.  The option with the most votes wins.  DEADLINE IS THURSDAY MORNING AT NINE A.M.!  The fate of the morning show is in your hands.

Thanks.  Please... think of the children...


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