Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Have you guys ever loved a film so much that you decided to make a fan edit of it?  Hey, who hasn't?  The world of fan edits gets pretty interesting.  Folks have assembled long dreamed of versions of films, like the Whole Bloody Saga version of Kill Bill, where both films are combined into a version of the original epic four hour edit.  Another interesting fan edit has Star Wars: A New Hope edited together into a scratchy grindhouse version, featuring deleted scenes and added James Earl Jones dialogue from other films to replace Darth Vader's voice.  The most amazing fan edit I've seen has been a crowdsourced restoration of the Star Wars: A New Hope that uses all the existing releases of the movie to restore the audio and picture to create a perfect home video release .  All the annoying George Lucas tinkering has been removed, leaving only the version of Episode IV that fans have demanded for years.

The latest entry in the fan edit realm is a three hour edit of David Lynch's Dune, which uses the theatrical and TV edits, as well as deleted scenes, to create what some folks are calling a more workable version of the film.  I'm not a fan of the original film, but I know a lot of our listeners are, so I'm posting it here.  Is it watchable?  At the very least it's an interesting take on a controversial interpretation of Frank Herbert's work.  YOU BE THE JUDGE!


UPDATE:  The original video has been removed by Vimeo!  I'm sure it'll pop up somewhere else, but for now we'll have to settle for this one that I found on YouTube.  ENJOY!

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