Friday, September 04, 2015


The last Kelley Stoltz album came out in 2013, which seems like an eternity when you're forced to wait for more Kelley Stoltz music.  Two years is a savagely long wait for new music from a guy that can write the hell out of a pop song.  Luckily, this hellish music drought is about to come to an end.  2015 is about to become poptastic.

Kelley Stoltz is releasing THREE new collections of music this fall.  I know what you're saying:  "ONLY THREE RELEASES?"  Suck it up, you!  We're lucky to live in a world where we get ANY Kelley Stoltz.  Three new releases will have to hold us until we are able to get the next new release.

Castle Face Records is releasing In Triangle Time on November 6th.  Brooklyn Vegan describes it as Stoltz exhibiting his full on love of Echo & The Bunnymen, with more synthesizers than one would expect on one of his albums.  Cut Me Baby is the lead off track on the album, and you can listen to it HERE!

On October 30th Stroll On Records is releasing TWO new collections from Kelley Stoltz.  There's a double seven inch with tracks that didn't make it onto In Triangle Time called 4 New Tracks.  It's not just a clever name, you guys.  There will be four new tracks on it!  Listen to the song Redirected from it NOW!

The second release on Stroll On is The Scuzzy Inputs of Willie Weird, which Stroll On describes as "An alternate universe meisterwerk".  Kelley himself describes it as a Captain Beefheart meets Weird Al Yankovic sounding project. It's available in splatter and black vinyl, and you can save a little if you order both of them.  Listen to He Who Laughs Last from the album NOW!

Both of the Stroll On Releases are extremely limited edition, and they will sell out, so quit wasting time and drop some cash on these babies!  You can't take it with you, you know!

We're three songs closer to these new Kelley Stoltz releases, and you can bet we'll play every last second of them on Shuffle Function!  Also, there's talk of an upcoming U.S. tour, so...


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