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CALLING ALL ARTSY KMSU LISTENERS! Have you ever dreamed of having your artistic vision splashed across the chests of discriminating radio listners? Sure, we all have. KMSU is looking for a new design for the Fall 2015 KMSU shirt/sweatshirt, and we'd like to give you that chance to design it!

Feel free to go nuts. This will be the identity for KMSU for the Fall pledge drive, so we're looking for something that is dynamic and will get listeners excited. KMSU staff will look over the submissions to select a winner, and that design will be splashed all over KMSU swag. Very exciting stuff.

The winner will get the swag that KMSU puts out with the design, PLUS they'll be loaded up with lots of cool music. It'll be pretty sweet.

  1. THE DESIGN MUST BE ORIGINAL. It cannot include ANY copyrighted images.
  2. The Design cannot be wider than 9” across.
  3. The design must include the words “Minnesota State University, Mankato” somewhere in the design. You can also include the Minnesota State University, Mankato logo, if you would like.
  4. It would be great if the number of colors used is minimal. Each color screen costs extra, and KMSU is a Mom and Pop radio station. Gotta pinch those pennies!
  5. The color purple must be incorporated into the shirt somewhere. This could be the shirt color, or it could be in the design. It just has to be in there somewhere.
  6. The shirt must be in one of these colors: white, natural/off-white, sand, tan, ice gray/light gray, gravel/medium gray, charcoal, black, purple or gold.
  7. Digital art must be at least 350ppi resolution. Acceptable file types: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, PDF (Portable Document Format)
  8. RAW, Tiff and EPS file types are recommended.
  9. It would be best if the design was not dated in some way. For instance, it could only be used in the Fall if it says “Fall Pledge Drive”, but it it's just a design that expresses the station image it could be used over and over. A design that could be reused would be best.
  10. It must clearly say “KMSU” and 89.7fm on it. Other station designs have also integrated KMSK 91.3fm and into the image.
One thing to keep in mind is that there always seems to be some kind of surprise that pops up during the printing process, so we may need change elements of the design. That's just the way these things seem to go, so please don't take it personal. In fact, the guidelines may change as soon as these rules are posted, so check back!

OH! The deadline for submissions is September 18th.

Come up with a super cool design for KMSU and submit it to If your design isn't digital, you can mail it to
KMSU Radio
AF 205
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Have fun!  For reference, here are some designs that KMSU has put out for previous pledge drives.  Please note that some of these designs were done before color choices were regulated.

UPDATE:  Please don't use Comic Sans.  It's just makes good radio sense.




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